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There are many ways to carry out the same idea. So many that it can be overwhelming and frustrating to choose the one that best suits your business model.

At neoco we help you choose which path to take in order to develop your idea in the most efficient and safe way and with the latest technologies.

Based on our experience, we analyze the requirements of your project and make you one or more proposals on how to materialize your idea.

about us


joan antoni morey

JS / TS Full Stack Senior Developer. Specialized in React and Node.

miguel ángel navarro

JS / TS Full Stack Senior Developer. Specialized in React and Node.

marc amer

Designer DEV
UI / UX Designer, JS / TS Frontend Developer. Specialized in digital product design.



how we work


Neoco was born from the enormous interest in carrying out projects and ideas in the best way possible. Both in the result and in the process.

We believe that good design, good planning, choosing the most appropriate and modern technologies, development based on TDD, flexibility and good communication are the keys to obtaining the best result.

We focus on B2B relationships, accompanying companies throughout the process of creation and evolution of their project. From making contact to putting into production, we take care of carrying out all the phases.

We use methodologies such as AGILE and SCRUM to organize tasks and development times, as well as part-time deliveries of project progress.


Meet & brief

We do several meetings to understand your idea and put the project requirements on perfect context.


We develop a design that will be util for both; development and to see if we are aligned and understand what you are looking for.


We carry out the development phase with partial deliveries so that you can see the evolution of the project and change priorities if necessary.

Server configuration

We configure a secure server in the cloud where the project will be hosted so that it is visible and usable.

Deploy to production

When the project has finished the development phase, we proceed to deploy it on the server and it becomes officially in production.